Filming and Photoshoots

We are a professional photo shoot and filming location. Our 2 acres of south facing ocean front grounds offer maximum light exposure, giving photographers the flexibility of many backgrounds, and magnificent sunsets. Many catalog shots have used our spectacular ocean backdrops, our 22,000 sq. ft. infinity lawn, and our long, green, manicured hedges. We offer two locations in one. Our upper level, with its large green lawn surrounding a nautical Cape Cod, Victorian home, features rose and flower gardens and towering Cypress trees. Our lower beach level has with two bamboo cottages, tropical landscaping, fantasy beach bar, tall, swaying palms, sandy beach and ocean waves. We also have some unique nautical décor including decorations that include a blue bulkhead outfitted in the shape of a ship as well as a classic wood dory. The private beach and point has spectacular rocks that make a great ocean backdrop. The adjacent cliffs bounce light off for great photos.


We understand and have the experience to anticipate our client’s needs. We recognize that you are on a budget and that time is always an issue. Therefore we are set up logistically for photo and film location use. Our amenities include two dedicated bathroom buildings, one located on the upper private road, the other on the beach level. The bathroom on the upper private road has its own make-up table and special lighting. The nautical house has a 400 sq. ft. garage which is utilized for wardrobe, hair and makeup. It has dedicated circuits for steamers and hair dryers. The garage has a 16 foot long wood counter top for sorting props and jewelry. There are several windows for natural light. The garage doors open wide, allowing for easy access of equipment which we allow to be stored overnight for multiple day shots. We also have over 100 outdoor electrical outlets placed in all areas of our 2 acre property. We have a mechanical equipment hoist to make it easy to transport equipment to the lower beach level. Most importantly, our private road allows for 30 car on-site parking, a place for an RV (with water & power hook up) & a shaded food service area with seating for a crew of 25. For celebrity shoots, security and privacy is assured due to the 20-foot wide entrance gate secured access to Cypress Sea Cove, as well as fencing along Pacific Coast Highway

We have many support amenities for photo shoot clients.

• On the upper level, we have a bathroom/change room building on the private road with make-up table, mirrors and extra lighting.

• On the upper level, a 400 sq. ft. garage offers a finished clean floor, large windows, two large double doors for easy access and placement and storage of equipment, a 17-foot long work counter, a clothes rack pole for wardrobe, and dedicated electric circuits for steamers and hair dryers.

• On the beach level we have another bathroom building, and the private, bamboo beach cabana that can double for make-up & wardrobe.

• Our Ocean view spa has a great back drop for bathing suit spa photos and offers 180 degree ocean views.

• Driving Easement To Beach.